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We have updated our site for the ease of our recurring members and active wolves. We hope that the relationship between our little family will become stronger because of these updates. If you are just passing through, please don't pollute our site with your presence! We have tried very hard to make this website clutter free and our 6 Month Sweep Out will become very tiresome if we have to delete those pesky passer-byes.
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The Archives and Catacombs are an addition made to ensure the activity on CH remains with the recurring members. We will delete all inactive members and store their joining information, if any, in the Archives and Catacombs. If members wish to rejoin and find all their previous information within a 6 month period, they can do so in the thread.
6 Month Sweep Out
Every 6 Months (and occasionally on a more frequent period) we will be deleting all inactivity and cluttering members. Rules and Regulations will be updated along with ranks and pack status. Any inactive wolves will be ghosted until drama is over, and promptly deleted. They can be located in Archives & Catacombs. We will also try and make the website as appealing as possible during this clean out to make the visual more eye-catching.
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 Inactive Members :: Joining Applications / Histories

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PostSubject: Inactive Members :: Joining Applications / Histories   Fri Aug 24, 2012 10:56 am

Due to the area of dead traffic during the school season we receive, we have to rid ourselves of the members that joined and never made an effort to return. However, knowing that the school season is a difficult time to recur on a website, we would like to provide our inactive members a place where they can retrieve their information.

Members will have up to 6 months to return after posted in the catacombs, after that, their information will be deleted for good during our 6 month sweep out to keep this site about as tidy as possible.

Thanks for your support -
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PostSubject: PhoenixRose   Fri Aug 24, 2012 11:09 am

About Me

My User: Phoenixrose

  • # of Wolves: 1

  • RP Level: Beginner

  • Website Password CH4L

My Wolves~

  • Full Name: Mystic (Myst)

  • Name Meaning: MYSTIC (noun)

The noun MYSTIC has 1 sense:
1. someone who believes in the existence of realities beyond human comprehension Familiarity information: MYSTIC used as a noun is very rare.

• MYSTIC (adjective)
The adjective MYSTIC has 3 senses:

1. having an import not apparent to the senses nor obvious to the intelligence; beyond ordinary understanding 2. relating to or resembling mysticism 3. relating to or characteristic of mysticism mysticism (a religion based on mystical communion with an ultimate reality)

  • Nick-name: My

  • Sex: [♂] [♀] Female

  • Age: [NB Pup]2 years old

  • Fertility: High

  • Biography [8-10 sentences]: Friendly, devoted, unite among wilderness, welcoming, true to self and others, loving to her one true mate and that would be Midnight.

  • Historical Life: And Imaginative lands to explore. For Myst she is a beautiful 2 year old female arctic wolf. with a good-nature but takes her job seriously. She is very clever and intelligent. However, she is also fearless and never backs down. Her howl is strong and can be heard from miles away. Mist is a sprinter and can change directions suddenly which helps when hunting for prey. Over time, the Wolves of The Phoenix, have come to follow a certain set of 'rules,'to stick together.
    Born to Alpha Heirs PhoenixRose and Saber. Myst was born in the early spring. Shortly after her birth, her Alpha grandparents, Arkaidus and Talathia, step down due to their age. Leadership is then handed over to Myst's parents. The pack flourished under the new Alphas. They lead the pack for quite a few months, bringing it to it's peak around Myst's first year. It all started about two (2) years back in the Spring. The historical Island claimed as a home by wolves of all breeds for over 100 years. We don't do raids, we don't attack without reason, or anything like that. We are led by the Alphess Mist, Respect her and there shall be no problems, hmm? Founded by these wolves, a ghost wolf, named Myst. Seemingly scarce of any threats can the wolves continue in their ancestors footsteps, and keep the four packs alive, and free from danger? What do you think? The sky was painted with the beautiful spectrum arrangement of the celestial lights, azure colors dancing about as the endless clouds moved along. Night crept across the sky, the lights beging to fade against the dark sky. Light, precious snow flakes fell against the ground, silently making their way from the sky above. Paw steps hollowed against the ground led to a small clearing, pale and milky moonlight filtering through the bare branches of the trees. Smoldering against the edge of the clearing was a pale, ghostly figure against the dark outline of the underbrush. Snow began to accumulate, falling softly against the black outline of the bushes and trees, resting silently against the surfaces. A slight breeze blew the flakes ever so gently to the left, as the ghostly feminine stepped forward. "I wish to be welcomed to Clawed Hearts, may I ask who you are and what is your purpose being?" - The canine slows her breath, crouching silently in a sea of tall grasses. The world around her is still as she silently waits. Her amber eyes scintillate softly as she watches a the cow wander a few steps right, her mouth following a trail to richer grass. A cruel smile crosses her lips as her muscles coil, her entire being pointed towards her target, the baby elk. Instantly, she is flying through the air, her beautiful pelt glistening in the sunlight as she stretches her front limbs forward, the wind tugging at the fur of her stomach. Landing inches away from the calf, she instantly grabs a rear leg, showing no mercy in tightening her grip and beginning to tear her head back and forth. Dodging a flimsy kick from a front leg, she bites down once more, her canines piercing through the tendon she holds. As the calf cries out, more adrenaline courses through her body, fear of the mother's defense rushing her. Lunging at the throat of the calf, a growl escapes her jaws from deep within her, a noise that seems to emanate throughout the expanse. As she drives the calf away from it's mother, she carefully studies it's fragile neck. When the calf halts, rearing back, the female quickly swerves to it's right, leaping up upon it's neck. As her hind legs kick at the ground beneath her, she quickly sinks her teeth into soft flesh, piercing an artery she spotted earlier. Dropping to the earth, she bends her legs slightly, absorbing the shock. Slowly backing away, she blinks repetitively, close to disbelief. The sun warms her fur slowly, as she watched her meal battle with death, stumbling about.

  • Biological Mother: Phoenix Rose

  • Biological Father: Saber

  • Biological Siblings: None

  • Past Home: Wolves of The Phoenix

  • How s/he became acquainted with the pack [8-10 sentences]: Myst became acquainted with the pack when she was just a year old. One of her best friends an Elder of the pack told her about Clawed Hearts. Then she meets the others of Clawed Hearts. Over time she has best friends, den mates, and lots of great friends. She is found by her newest friend Ever. Out alone in the world, with a pack to call home till Ever introduces her to Clawed Hearts. She is hungry, and is trying to find food. She wants to prove that she belongs.

  • Why s/he needs to be acqainted with the pack [4-6 sentences]: Myst has no place to call her own till she is meet by Ever. Ever and Myst go way back, they were wolf pups together, and Ever and Myst are best friends. She not only wants to prove to Ever but the other wolves that she belongs here, but to find the truth behind her past and begin her future here with Clawed Hearts. She will become mates with one male that has the not only a great fondness for Myst. But only has true romance for her and it is a true love story.

  • Scars: None

  • Marks: Chains in which can never be removed.

  • Mates: Not yet (open)

  • Lost Loved Ones: Myst will lose a few pups over time. Myst has also lost her grandparents because of old age.

  • Recent Battles [No Power-Play Here Either]: None

  • Likes: hunting for prey, her best friend, being part of something, likes everything and every one.

  • Dislikes: Those who harm the pack. Unavoidable war, hate.

  • Friends: Best Friend Ever. And way to many to name. External Appearance

  • Eye Colour: Amber

  • Fur Colour: White, grey, light browns

  • Muzzle Colour: White, grey, light browns

  • Paw Colour: White, grey, light browns

  • Ear Colour/Size: White, grey, light browns

  • General Size [Varies depending on the sex]: Height: 25-31 inches Length: 50-63 inches

  • Weight [rounded to nearest 5th]: 105 lbs

  • Favorite Activities [Please List Here]: Prefer colder weather to moderate and warm climates. good-nature but takes her job seriously.
    She is very clever and intelligent. However, she is also fearless and never backs down. Her howl is strong and can be heard from miles away. Myst is a sprinter and can change directions suddenly which helps when hunting for prey.
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Inactive Members :: Joining Applications / Histories
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