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 Pass Aggressively

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PostSubject: Re: Pass Aggressively   Sun Oct 14, 2012 12:41 am

Full Name: Killian Hyterous
• Name Meaning: Killian, meaning war.
• Nick-name: Killy
* Sex: [♂] [♀] Female
* Age: [NB Pup] [Young Pup] [Accepted Pup] [Weaned Pup] [Grad Pup*] [Teen] [Young Adult] ]Adult] [Grad Adult**] [Elder]
• Fertility: [Medium] [Great] [High] [Above Av] <-- Whatever that means. XD
* Biography [8-10 sentences]:
Hmm. All I can say about Killian is that she came from living the life as a rogue. She is agressive at times, but is mostly passive around other if she is lower rank. Her dark pelts blends into the shadows, so she can gain the nickname 'snake' easily. She doesn't bond well to others, and she is stubborn most of the time. Not sure what else to say. Find out in rp? Lol.

The topic said to 'rp here' so that's what im doing. .-. ))

The darken coloured fae would raise her muzzle as she entered the unknown lands. Hmm.. Seems... far-fetched. She would think to herself, taking small & cautious steps within the area. Her paws sinking into the ground to make very little sound. She had past this territory many times. Following the herds of the elk, deer, and other animals. Normally she would scavenge near the borders. But now she would gingerly make her descision to wander inside the territory for a more, satisfying meal. Her frame would lean against a nearby tree. Ribs slightly showing. The last meal she had ingulfed was about... 2 days ago. But even then it was a small portion of a deer that two other lone-wolfs had offered to share. She may be weakened now, but she could clearly still put up a savage fight.

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PostSubject: Pass Aggressively   Mon Aug 22, 2011 1:28 pm

If you choose to pass the territory lines aggressively, RP your wolf here and fill out this form:

About Me

My User:

• # of Wolves:
• RP Level: [Beginner] [Moderate] [Hard] [Advanced]
• Website Password [Found in Rules -- Trust me]

My Wolves~


* Full Name:
• Name Meaning:
• Nick-name:
* Sex: [♂] [♀]
* Age: [NB Pup] [Young Pup] [Accepted Pup] [Weaned Pup] [Grad Pup*] [Teen] [Young Adult] [Adult] [Grad Adult**] [Elder]
• Fertility: [Medium] [Great] [High] [Above Av]
* Biography [8-10 sentences]:

Historical Life
* Biological Mother:
* Biological Father:
* Biological Siblings:
* Past Home:
* How s/he became acquainted with the pack [8-10 sentences]:
* Why s/he needs to be acqainted with the pack [4-6 sentences]:
• Scars:
• Marks:
• Mates:
• Lost Loved Ones:
• Recent Battles [No Power-Play Here Either]:
* Likes:
* Dislikes:
• Friends:

External Appearance
* Eye Colour: [Green] [Blue] [Yellow] [Brown] [Hazel]
* Fur Colour:
• Muzzle Colour:
• Paw Colour:
* Ear Colour/Size:
* General Size [Varies depending on the sex]:
* Weight [rounded to nearest 5th]:


• Diety of the Earth:
• Diety of the Sky:
• Diety of the River:
• Diety of the Brook:
• Diety of the Stream:
• Spirit of the Wind:
• Spirit of the Frost:
• Spirit of the Spring:
• Spirit of thy Elder:
• Flame of Hope:
• Faerie of the Forest:
• Faerie of the Beyond:
• Faerie of Fate:
• Faerie of Higher Self:

Favorite Activities

[Please List Here]:

*: Grad Pup: A pup that has survived the Rendezvous journey and recently gone on the Acceptance Hunt [AH].

**: Grad Adult: Just crossed over to go through unbelievable changes [via Elders and Paths] into the wisdom of Elder-hood

*1: Must pick atleast one out of all[list][*]

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Pass Aggressively
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