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Welcome to Clawed Hearts! We appreciate you taking a look at our site! If you would like to join us, please visit the territory lines where we can analyze you and decide if you are worthy of acceptance.
If you aren't interested in a site filled with drama, activity, love, loss, and excitement, please don't bother to register. However, if you are interested, we expect to see you soon! The pack is calling.
Will you answer them?

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Important Updates
Don't Tread On Us!
We have updated our site for the ease of our recurring members and active wolves. We hope that the relationship between our little family will become stronger because of these updates. If you are just passing through, please don't pollute our site with your presence! We have tried very hard to make this website clutter free and our 6 Month Sweep Out will become very tiresome if we have to delete those pesky passer-byes.
Archives & Catacombs
The Archives and Catacombs are an addition made to ensure the activity on CH remains with the recurring members. We will delete all inactive members and store their joining information, if any, in the Archives and Catacombs. If members wish to rejoin and find all their previous information within a 6 month period, they can do so in the thread.
6 Month Sweep Out
Every 6 Months (and occasionally on a more frequent period) we will be deleting all inactivity and cluttering members. Rules and Regulations will be updated along with ranks and pack status. Any inactive wolves will be ghosted until drama is over, and promptly deleted. They can be located in Archives & Catacombs. We will also try and make the website as appealing as possible during this clean out to make the visual more eye-catching.
New Websites & Affiliates
Widgets have finally made their way to Clawed Hearts! One of our more important features is our affiliates! We would like to encourage our members to vote for us on the various top sites we applied for and help us reel in new members! In other news, I have created a new site called Spirit Pack {} that I would like to encourage any advanced RP-ers to check out!
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 Rules & Terms

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PostSubject: Rules & Terms   Rules & Terms I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 22, 2011 1:45 pm

• If you would like to join this pack, please leave me a private message on my profile like this:
• Subject: RE: Joining the Pack
• Body Text: (please see bottom)*
• You must return as much as possible and/or post an update stating you aren't going to be on for awhile.
• When submitting your application to join, do NOT post it in the Clawed Hearts forum thread, post it in the "Joining Applications" thread
• After creating your filled out form, please upload pictures of your wolves with a brief description in "Wolf Gallery"
• This is going to be the regular Semi-Literate to Literate, and since this is my website, details and minimum cursing is allowed.
• Please be around 13+, if you are advanced 12, that is fine.
• You can not take down a large kill, such as deer or elk, by yourself
• No powers/anime. You will be given a warning, then I will ban.
• Colors: This is the most controversial addition to my website. No exotic colors on your wolves please - EX: Golden fur that has silver sparkles or green eyes that have flecks of purple.
• When having pups, please talk to your wolf's mate's member. [if u read this far, password is CH4L] You and him/her will need to decide who will get what pup and names.
• All birthing must be done in the birthing chamber with mate only
• Drama? LOVE IT
• No Power Playing or God Mooding! My biggest pet peeve. In other words, you wolf can't be perfect and it can't win every fight
• You may challenge the alpha
• Wolves have higher ranks for a reason; you can't beat them in a fight.
• Respect RANKS
• You can have as many wolves as you can handle
• Respect thy alpha(s)
• You must earn your ranks (from now on)
• Anything I'm missing? Please see the Feedback tab to tell me
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Rules & Terms
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